Artist Statement

Shane Bowers is an artist, and curator that is living and working in Chicago, IL. Bowers received his MFA from Northern Illinois University in Spring 2019. He graduated with his Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2016. Bowers is the co-founder of UnPacked Mobile Gallery and founder of Dispatch Mobile Gallery-(Extension of UnPacked) 2020. Bowers has over ten years of experience working as a fine arts professional. He is interested in the development of the emerging artist, and actively advocates cultural diversity, and advocates under-represented artists.

His work focuses on interpreting disjointed narratives utilizing home movies as source material. He recollects disassociated events of a nuclear family by treating these works as abstracted truths. The work explores different media audio, sculptural installation, performance, and image collage. The audio has a unique symphonic imprint for each recording. Bowers processed these events over the years through psychological retrieval. The series is an autobiographical narrative through collaging past recorded familial events and experiences being transgender.

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